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AI Frontier Agents

Evotis AI Agents

  • Trained on your business knowledge and know-how

  • Write large documents

  • Perform deep analyses

  • Get useful insights & analytics

  • Source information from the Web and private data sources

  • Respect data privacy & confidentiality

Evotis AI Agents are trained on your knowledge and know-how

Our AI learns about your business and missions. It reads your specific knowledge and acquires the relevant know-how to perform tasks the way you want them done.

This AI training leverages our proprietary technology for in-context self-learning and tuning by client feedback.


Write large documents

How long does it take to write a 60 page document?

Maybe it's 75% boilerplate but then you still need to come up with 15 pages of business-critical writing. It could be a contract or a commercial proposal, for instance. It's going to take a while for you, your highly-paid co-workers or your expensive consultants who charge by the hour…

Send your brief to our AI Agent, and you'll get a draft done in minutes. It will be done right because we trained the AI on your needs, based on your templates and examples from your style.


Perform deep analyses

Imagine you have a pile of documents on any given topic, and you need to know what's in there. You need to understand the important details and insights. 

Our AI Agent reads documents faster than any human. And it's active reading: it takes notes, it reasons and selects the details you need, and the insights you care about.

It can even go further and perform thoughtful analyses based on information from multiple documents, detect inconsistencies, or suggest strategies to achieve your goals.


Get useful insights & analytics

Thanks to the multimodal AI frontier models we use, when our AI reads your documents, our AI reads not only the text but also the graphics, schemas, and plot charts in your documents.

Our AI can even extract tabular data from tables and perform data analytics operations.

This is how our AI agents can provide you with deep insights grounded in data and deliver synthesized reports including plot charts and interactive dashboards.


Source information from the Web and private sources

Productive missions often rely on existing information, and our agents excel at this.

Our Web Agent is actually a swarm of agents that simultaneously conduct searches on multiple queries and read through numerous pages. This enables them to detect all relevant information and bring back exactly what's needed.

Similarly, as long as it's accessible through a computer interface, and you have the credentials, any private database or document management system can be accessed by our agents.

But access to information is not enough. Our advanced agents are designed to explore and organize this information specifically for the mission.

Working with this organized information enables our AI Agents to accomplish thorough and insightful missions.


Respect data privacy & confidentiality

When processing documents or training an AI with your proprietary information, we uphold strict confidentiality and enterprise-grade data privacy measures to ensure your data is protected.

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